Welcome to our new “Big is Beautiful” UK Weblog!

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The Big is Beautiful UK Weblog has been created to help increase awareness about the subject of body awareness and the lack of confidence that larger ladies have in the bodies.

We feel that the media has helped to increase the feeling in society and in larger ladies that beauty is connected to being stick thin and we wanted to do something to fight that feeling.

Our belief is that beauty comes from within and that larger ladies can be equally as beautiful as thinner ladies. ¬†Beauty is often connected to confidence in one’s self and an inner self-belief.

Having being involved in helping larger ladies to feel good about themselves for 15 years we decided to try and inspire any larger ladies to feel better about themselves and to help increase the awareness in society that being big is beautiful and curvy is cute.

If you are passionate about increasing the confidence in Larger Ladies and you want to help spread and share the message that “Big is Beautiful”, please follow our blog and help us to share this important message.

This Big is Beautiful Blog is Written “By Emma Jones” who is also MD of OhLaLaShop.co.uk¬†– an online provider of Ladies Lingerie in all sizes from 8 to 38!

Big is Beautiful - Larger Ladies Lingerie