Hey, It’s Erin, this weeks blog may offend some people-
So before I start I want to let you know- I’m extremely qualified to write this blog! Not because I’m a personal trainer…. but because I lived it.
There is such a huge focus in the media right now about fat-shaming. About big is beautiful. About everyone belonging. Well- guess what? That goes both ways.  Is big beautiful? Heck yes.Does everyone belong? OH HELL yes!!!! But guess what? So is a muscular woman! So is a thin woman!! For as many people that are out there “Fat shaming” There’s another one saying “real women have curves” or telling a muscular woman she looks like a dude.
Im over it!! Ive had enough!! Guess what!? That chubby girl? She’s probably hilarious and has the most beautiful smile! That muscular woman? She’s probably got the biggest heart and gentlest spirit. Or maybe not! The point…

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About maconsultancy

I am a Sales & Marketing and Web Marketing Consultant, Trainer & Outsourced Service provider with over 20 Years of Sales Experience, including 10 Years Key Account Sales & Sales Directorship in the Credit Industry. In addition to High Level Key Account, Reseller Channel & Solutions Sales & Sales Management Experience I am also very experienced in Web Marketing & E-commerce having successfully assisted my Wifes new E-commerce business become a very good new startup business in the past three years. I am looking to use my 20 Years of Sales & Marketing Experience, my 10 Years of Corporate Sales & Sales Management Experience in the Credit & Data Industry and my 3 Years of E-commerce & Web Marketing Experience to help other Sales Companies, Smaller Businesses, Credit or Data Industry Businesses and new Startup Sales, E-commerce or online retail businesses. As well as offering Sales & Marketing and E-commerce Consultancy & Training I can also provide Outsourced services including Sales, Keyword Analysis, B logging & Website / Blog Content Provision, Online Ad Campaign Management (Google Adwords), Exhibition Attendance, Social Media Management etc.

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