The Beauty Project at Selfridges: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


Selfridges Beauty Project Ad Campaign_Alice_without ad treatment What’s your definition of beauty? (Picture: Norbert Shoerner)

Fed up with conventional notions of beauty? You’re not alone.

The average British woman looks in the mirror five times a day but 90 per cent say they feel bad when they see their reflection, according to a report by Dove. Almost 30 per cent of women avoid mirrors altogether.

So what’s denting our confidence?

‘The beauty industry doesn’t have enough versions of “beautiful” for us to see,’ says make-up artist Sali Hughes. ‘There’s only one version of beautiful and that’s a Caucasian woman under 35, who’s slim and has even features.’

To challenge this, department store Selfridges have partnered with big brands including cosmetics brand Dove to launch a six week campaign, The Beauty Project, to explore the modern definition of beauty.

Selfridges Beauty Project Ad Campaign_Richard_without ad treatment Everyone has their own opinion about what it means to be beautiful. (Picture: Norbert Shoerner)

‘The entire point of The Beauty Project is to put forward many versions of beauty: older ladies, ladies of colour, women with mad pink…

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