The Pros And Cons Of Living With Big Boobs

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Boobies. Tits. Breasts. Bosoms. Jugs. Sweater Stretchers. Knockers. Amen.

There is a certain splendor that comes with big boobs. Like having a majestic mountain range on your chest. With your great titties, you wear, like a badge of honor, the mightiest symbols of womanhood, capable of both nurturing offspring and driving a man mad with lust. Your ample bosom embodies all that it is to be a woman: maternal softness, feminine curves, and bold sexuality. Like the figurehead of some glorious ship, your boobies make a statement to the world, “I am woman”.

My pride in my boobs borders on all-consuming adoration. I developed early and have proudly been a D cup since I was in 6th grade. With my immaculate set of perfectly rounded, perky orbs came confidence and joy. I have worn them proudly all my life and have allowed myself to be empowered by them…

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I am a Sales & Marketing and Web Marketing Consultant, Trainer & Outsourced Service provider with over 20 Years of Sales Experience, including 10 Years Key Account Sales & Sales Directorship in the Credit Industry. In addition to High Level Key Account, Reseller Channel & Solutions Sales & Sales Management Experience I am also very experienced in Web Marketing & E-commerce having successfully assisted my Wifes new E-commerce business become a very good new startup business in the past three years. I am looking to use my 20 Years of Sales & Marketing Experience, my 10 Years of Corporate Sales & Sales Management Experience in the Credit & Data Industry and my 3 Years of E-commerce & Web Marketing Experience to help other Sales Companies, Smaller Businesses, Credit or Data Industry Businesses and new Startup Sales, E-commerce or online retail businesses. As well as offering Sales & Marketing and E-commerce Consultancy & Training I can also provide Outsourced services including Sales, Keyword Analysis, B logging & Website / Blog Content Provision, Online Ad Campaign Management (Google Adwords), Exhibition Attendance, Social Media Management etc.

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