How to survive the morning after a one night stand


‘Borrowing’ a kid’s bike is just one way of getting home the morning after (Picture: AP)

Once you’ve done all the fun bits of a one night stand, you usually fall asleep in a post coital happy state not thinking at all about the horrors of the next day.

When that arrives three hours later, you have to figure out a route from the bed to your own home, whether or not to wake them, whether you mind leaving your best thong coiled in the sheets, and how you’re going to do all this without dying in a pool of your own awkwardness.

Here’s what to do:

1. Assess the situation

Usually somewhere in between the passionate throes of lovemaking and smelling tequila on your breath while the birds are chirping, the magic disappears.

Decide if they feel the same or if they’re possibly up for another go or some…

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