Back to sex ed for you: Young Brits are using cling film and plastic sandwich bags as contraceptives


Cling film This is NOT a contraceptive (Picture: Alamy)

If the results of a recent survey on contraception are to be believed, some young Brits need to go back to sex ed – ASAP.

A survey of 1500 British women aged 25-34 by Bayer Healthcare revealed a quarter of them had heard of people using ‘alternative’ barrier methods of contraception including plastic sandwich bags, cling film and latex gloves.

Other terrifying stats released include 1 in 10 believing it’s impossible to get pregnant during your period and 17 per cent of women saying they’ve relied on the withdrawal method in the past.

Perhaps it’s unsurprising then that 30 per cent have had to resort using the morning-after pill.

Hands up who needs to go back to sex education classes (Picture: sankalpmaya)

These shocking revelations come amid claims that better communication is urgently needed between GPs and young women to help them understand…

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