Brits admit to their top sex mistakes and ‘misguided thrusting’ is the main offender


Sex mistakes people have made, you would think, include things like using cling-film instead of a condom, or passing on an STD to your regular partner, or maybe even getting drunk and having sex with your boss.

The truth of the matter – for Brits at least – is less dramatic. Our sex mistakes have mostly been things like suffering carpet burns, getting stuck in bondage or being the victim (or the perpetrator) of ‘misguided thrusting’.

In a major survey for an online pharmacy, Brits were asked about their sex fails and it seems we are a nation of lovers who are uncoordinated (misguided thrusting), unbalanced (falling off the bed), forgetful (calling out the wrong name is a problem, apparently), indiscreet (being caught in the act was mentioned by a third of those surveyed), and absent minded (losing items in inappropriate places).

Sounds a bit like an episode on Made In Chelsea.

Have you…

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