New Lingerie In Time For Xmas.

We are passionate about lingerie at Ohlala Shop we are always looking for new styles and suppliers. We have started dealing with two new suppliers Dream Girls and Coquette both of which supply the lingerie not only in what would be termed standard sizes but also do their ranges in sizes for the larger lady. We are finding that lingerie companies are waking up to the fact that larger ladies like lingerie they like to look sexy and why not. When we looked at the price lists we noticed that the lingerie in the bigger sizes was £15 more so the same garment in the same style was more expensive. We as a company looked into whether we could offer the garments at the same price and lose the £15 as we feel it is so unfair to discriminate purely on size. We phoned both suppliers to argue that lingerie should be one price from size 6 to size 28 to which we were told that due to the extra material needed there had to be an additional cost. So we rang round a few manufacturers in the Philippines and China to see how much extra they were charging for say a size 28 babydoll. We rang over ten and 100% of them charged not a penny extra we asked that they would be using more material and we were told that the increase in cost was so small that they would not charge extra. So why is it that if you are a curvy size 28 you have to spend extra we dont know and we cant tell you why. We still strive to campaign for larger ladies and hope in the future things will be different but for now it looks like if you want to wear sexy lingerie and your over a size 16 you will have to pay extra.



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