I am BIG and proud.

Coming out when you are Gay is said to be one of the most traumatic times in your life. Not knowing how family and friends will react how will your employer react all these unknowns can be very scary. Are there similarities between being Fat and Gay. If you are fat a lot of people poke fun at you life can become lonely people can think they can cure your condition you hear people say “its all about will power stop eating so much” but being Fat is not as simple as all that just the same as being Gay is not straight forward as some people think. I have read some articles that say they can cure people of being Gay there are also articles that promise they can cure you being Fat. How can cure these two things neither are an illness you dont pop an asprin and ping your not Gay have a tablet and your a size 6 its just silly.
Being proud of who you are is half the battle and not listening to the haters push those who ridicule you away a draw near the ones who are genuine friends. When you come out as Gay those people who cant accept it arent worth having as friends the same as if people cant accept your size then bin them.
It takes all sorts to make up this world and we should all learn to accept people as they are not try to force our own ideas of how people should look or act. You should be free with in the law to lead a peaceful and untroubled life whether your Fat or Gay or even BOTH. Quite often when I am out shopping people sometimes do take a second look at me and I just say to myself they are just jealous that they cant look as curvy as me.
Peoples perceptions are changing people in retail industry politics are all changing the way we interact with each other. Advertisers are now using larger models to advertise products politicians are making new laws so that people cant discriminate against anyone no matter how they look or no matter who they chose to love. We have come along way from when I was a child and we have still a long way to go which is exciting.
When I set up my company selling lingerie I was extremely passionate about stocking lingerie for the larger lady I knew myself how hard it was to find sexy feminine lingerie over a size 16. I have been in business two years now and have never worked so hard in my life but it is very rewarding knowing every hour I put in means I get closer to my goal. So I say stand proud know matter what life throws at you.

Written by Emma P Jones x



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