I was thinking today where did Monday go. I was struggling to think of what I had done Monday. One of the problems I have is fibromyalgia so I do forget things easily. Then it came back to me we spent the day sorting out our Amazon listings as we have had new stock in.
I have been thinking its a shame you cant bottle time and then sell it say 1 hour for £20 giving you just that little more time in the day to get things sorted. After the morning school run which is usually in a plume of black burning rubber smoke chasing a bus round its route I sit and think of what needs to be done on a home front and business. I am very organised so I have it all set out who is doing what and when. But things happen what was going to take 15 minutes becomes a 2 hour saga so at the end of every day thats normally after the burning rubber sprint to pick up my daughter I have unfinished work which has to be done after 9pm when my daughter is in bed. If only I could buy 3 hours of time at 1pm the work I normally do 9-midnight could be sorted in the freeze time I have purchased. This would mean every day all my work load would be complete and I would be a very happy girl.
Whilst I was on the phone to a supplier I was explaining my idea of bottling time and heard a story of a billionaire being interviewed about his wealth a journalist asked him what was his most precious commodity to which he said it was time there is never enough time in one day how true that is.
Well time has got the better of me again its that time of the day to dive into the car and poste haste to the school to pick her up from drama club. If anyone has any ideas how to bottle time let me know.


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