Sunday a day of rest.

I have read the bible a few times now and obviously know the beginning,on the first day God etc etc and I know that on the seventh day God rested. In this day and age of cut and thrust business it appears that no day is sacred we work seven days a week 24 hours a day. I had to ask my daughter today what the time difference was between here GMT and L.A USA as we need to market the states and we need to make sure we catch people when they are awake. Luckily there is software that allows me to schedule the marketing without having to be physically up to push the button.
I remember when I was young that shops use to close half day on a Wednesday and use to close all weekend but these days we cant afford to close at all most companies have web sites that work 24/7 and most companies claim to be able to ship internationally.
The world has become so much smaller in the sense its so much easier to trade internationally.We have had a number of orders from Europe and the USA and found that its childs play taking these orders. We have a company that does all the currency conversions for us then we just pop down the post office to dispatch it to the far corners of the globe. We were floored when a customer emailed us thanking us for such a prompt dispatch of a piece of lingerie. We received the order Sunday night so it was off to the post office 15:30 Monday night the customer had the parcel Wednesday morning amazing.
Well no time to write anymore got to schedule some more marketing to try and grab some more foreign customers.

Written by Emma Patricia Jones.



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