Electro Sex.

We have been selling electro sex equipment now for over a year and its very popular. I remember walking onto E-Stim systems trade show stand many years ago to look at what all the fuss was about. I was met by one of the owners who rapidly thrust in my hand a probe to demonstrate how the device worked. Its incredibly hard to describe the feeling its a tingling warm almost energising. It was very nice so I asked to have the probe cranked up. Thats when I truly understood what electro sex was all about the tingling became more intense I started to become worried about the safety of the device but this only heightened the thrill I was feeling and then it clicked. The thrill is in the expectation of extreme pain your body becomes more responsive and therefore the thrill becomes heightened.
We at Ohlalashop.co.uk would not stock any other device than E-Stim we know the quality is of the highest degree and safety is always top of the agenda for the company. We all know that playing with electricity is dangerous we are taught at a very early age not to stick our fingers in the plug socket and this is were E-Stim are brilliant. You are 100 % safe using their equipment they even offer a life time guarantee which these days is nothing to be sniffed at. I have read so many stories on the net and in magazines of people setting fire to themselves and giving themselves life changing burns and I ask myself why when you can ask the professionals for advice and purchase a device that is 100% safe. Why risk a horrible injury just to save a bit of money.
Electro sex can be used by yourself or as a couple the devices we stock come either as introductory packs therefore giving you a beginners pack of goodies to get you started with or you can purchase the equipment separately. Electro sex can be very extreme the current can be turned up and some of the devices such as the urethral probes go places that are very sensitive so its up to the user how far they want to go.
So if you are thinking of looking into electro sex be warned only chose equipment from tried and tested companies as the saying goes “do not get your fingers burnt”.

Written by Emma Patricia Jones.



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