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Electro Sex.

We have been selling electro sex equipment now for over a year and its very popular. I remember walking onto E-Stim systems trade show stand many years ago to look at what all the fuss was about. I was met by one of the owners who rapidly thrust in my hand a probe to demonstrate how the device worked. Its incredibly hard to describe the feeling its a tingling warm almost energising. It was very nice so I asked to have the probe cranked up. Thats when I truly understood what electro sex was all about the tingling became more intense I started to become worried about the safety of the device but this only heightened the thrill I was feeling and then it clicked. The thrill is in the expectation of extreme pain your body becomes more responsive and therefore the thrill becomes heightened.
We at would not stock any other device than E-Stim we know the quality is of the highest degree and safety is always top of the agenda for the company. We all know that playing with electricity is dangerous we are taught at a very early age not to stick our fingers in the plug socket and this is were E-Stim are brilliant. You are 100 % safe using their equipment they even offer a life time guarantee which these days is nothing to be sniffed at. I have read so many stories on the net and in magazines of people setting fire to themselves and giving themselves life changing burns and I ask myself why when you can ask the professionals for advice and purchase a device that is 100% safe. Why risk a horrible injury just to save a bit of money.
Electro sex can be used by yourself or as a couple the devices we stock come either as introductory packs therefore giving you a beginners pack of goodies to get you started with or you can purchase the equipment separately. Electro sex can be very extreme the current can be turned up and some of the devices such as the urethral probes go places that are very sensitive so its up to the user how far they want to go.
So if you are thinking of looking into electro sex be warned only chose equipment from tried and tested companies as the saying goes “do not get your fingers burnt”.

Written by Emma Patricia Jones.



Sunday a day of rest.

I have read the bible a few times now and obviously know the beginning,on the first day God etc etc and I know that on the seventh day God rested. In this day and age of cut and thrust business it appears that no day is sacred we work seven days a week 24 hours a day. I had to ask my daughter today what the time difference was between here GMT and L.A USA as we need to market the states and we need to make sure we catch people when they are awake. Luckily there is software that allows me to schedule the marketing without having to be physically up to push the button.
I remember when I was young that shops use to close half day on a Wednesday and use to close all weekend but these days we cant afford to close at all most companies have web sites that work 24/7 and most companies claim to be able to ship internationally.
The world has become so much smaller in the sense its so much easier to trade internationally.We have had a number of orders from Europe and the USA and found that its childs play taking these orders. We have a company that does all the currency conversions for us then we just pop down the post office to dispatch it to the far corners of the globe. We were floored when a customer emailed us thanking us for such a prompt dispatch of a piece of lingerie. We received the order Sunday night so it was off to the post office 15:30 Monday night the customer had the parcel Wednesday morning amazing.
Well no time to write anymore got to schedule some more marketing to try and grab some more foreign customers.

Written by Emma Patricia Jones.



I was thinking today where did Monday go. I was struggling to think of what I had done Monday. One of the problems I have is fibromyalgia so I do forget things easily. Then it came back to me we spent the day sorting out our Amazon listings as we have had new stock in.
I have been thinking its a shame you cant bottle time and then sell it say 1 hour for £20 giving you just that little more time in the day to get things sorted. After the morning school run which is usually in a plume of black burning rubber smoke chasing a bus round its route I sit and think of what needs to be done on a home front and business. I am very organised so I have it all set out who is doing what and when. But things happen what was going to take 15 minutes becomes a 2 hour saga so at the end of every day thats normally after the burning rubber sprint to pick up my daughter I have unfinished work which has to be done after 9pm when my daughter is in bed. If only I could buy 3 hours of time at 1pm the work I normally do 9-midnight could be sorted in the freeze time I have purchased. This would mean every day all my work load would be complete and I would be a very happy girl.
Whilst I was on the phone to a supplier I was explaining my idea of bottling time and heard a story of a billionaire being interviewed about his wealth a journalist asked him what was his most precious commodity to which he said it was time there is never enough time in one day how true that is.
Well time has got the better of me again its that time of the day to dive into the car and poste haste to the school to pick her up from drama club. If anyone has any ideas how to bottle time let me know.

I am BIG and proud.

Coming out when you are Gay is said to be one of the most traumatic times in your life. Not knowing how family and friends will react how will your employer react all these unknowns can be very scary. Are there similarities between being Fat and Gay. If you are fat a lot of people poke fun at you life can become lonely people can think they can cure your condition you hear people say “its all about will power stop eating so much” but being Fat is not as simple as all that just the same as being Gay is not straight forward as some people think. I have read some articles that say they can cure people of being Gay there are also articles that promise they can cure you being Fat. How can cure these two things neither are an illness you dont pop an asprin and ping your not Gay have a tablet and your a size 6 its just silly.
Being proud of who you are is half the battle and not listening to the haters push those who ridicule you away a draw near the ones who are genuine friends. When you come out as Gay those people who cant accept it arent worth having as friends the same as if people cant accept your size then bin them.
It takes all sorts to make up this world and we should all learn to accept people as they are not try to force our own ideas of how people should look or act. You should be free with in the law to lead a peaceful and untroubled life whether your Fat or Gay or even BOTH. Quite often when I am out shopping people sometimes do take a second look at me and I just say to myself they are just jealous that they cant look as curvy as me.
Peoples perceptions are changing people in retail industry politics are all changing the way we interact with each other. Advertisers are now using larger models to advertise products politicians are making new laws so that people cant discriminate against anyone no matter how they look or no matter who they chose to love. We have come along way from when I was a child and we have still a long way to go which is exciting.
When I set up my company selling lingerie I was extremely passionate about stocking lingerie for the larger lady I knew myself how hard it was to find sexy feminine lingerie over a size 16. I have been in business two years now and have never worked so hard in my life but it is very rewarding knowing every hour I put in means I get closer to my goal. So I say stand proud know matter what life throws at you.

Written by Emma P Jones x


New Lingerie In Time For Xmas.

We are passionate about lingerie at Ohlala Shop we are always looking for new styles and suppliers. We have started dealing with two new suppliers Dream Girls and Coquette both of which supply the lingerie not only in what would be termed standard sizes but also do their ranges in sizes for the larger lady. We are finding that lingerie companies are waking up to the fact that larger ladies like lingerie they like to look sexy and why not. When we looked at the price lists we noticed that the lingerie in the bigger sizes was £15 more so the same garment in the same style was more expensive. We as a company looked into whether we could offer the garments at the same price and lose the £15 as we feel it is so unfair to discriminate purely on size. We phoned both suppliers to argue that lingerie should be one price from size 6 to size 28 to which we were told that due to the extra material needed there had to be an additional cost. So we rang round a few manufacturers in the Philippines and China to see how much extra they were charging for say a size 28 babydoll. We rang over ten and 100% of them charged not a penny extra we asked that they would be using more material and we were told that the increase in cost was so small that they would not charge extra. So why is it that if you are a curvy size 28 you have to spend extra we dont know and we cant tell you why. We still strive to campaign for larger ladies and hope in the future things will be different but for now it looks like if you want to wear sexy lingerie and your over a size 16 you will have to pay extra.