Before we went to the ETO Show weekend, we knew we lacked a quality lube on the OhLaLa Shop.

So one of our missions was to find a company that could help fill that gap on our website.

We are so excited to announce that we have established a new contract with a company called Give Pleasure Products

And their Award Winning Lube brand and Lube Products “Give Lube”.

This award winning Lube Company headed by Nigel Powell offers a huge selection of lubes and cleaning products. We will be stocking the entire Lube product range on our website, including the new Afro Caribbean Lube product called Noir.

Nigel spent some time explaining to the ohlalashop team, the Noir Lube product.

He explained that Afro Caribbean people, due to their skin pigment require a unique lube made purposely for them. After 15 years of being in this industry, we cannot think of any other company that offers a lube formulated purely to the afro carribean community and to their unique Skin.

We were also showed the flavoured lubes and the new product called Cheeky Wash. Having tried out some sample products we can assure people that Give Lube is of the highest quality, is skin kind and is guaranteed to please time and time again.

All Give Lube products are CE Marked medical lubricants, so that we can assure our customers that they are kind to the skin and safe for your body, whether it be internally or externally used.

Our customers must remember that lube is really a sex toy. It is not just to solve dryness. It is the easiest and most economical way of adding more fun to your sex life. It is a versatile, essential sex accessory that can be used with or without sex toys, on your own or with partners, for countless situations and encounters.

Give Lube now offers flavoured lubes. Oral sex has never tasted so good, take it from me!

The premium quality, CE marked medical lubricant is now available in your favourite flavours to create oral pleasure. Both the tasty and tantalising cheeky cherry lube and raspberry kiss lube are ideal for oral sex and provides additional lubrication for sexual intercourse. Drizzle it onto your partner and give generously.

Cheeky Wash is an antibacterial, unfragranced body wash and personal hygiene on the move. It gently and effectively cleans and moisturises leaving you fresh and odour free, without the need to use water.

Already used within the NHS and MOD, the formulation has been tweaked to make it great for use even on your most intimate areas. Cheeky Wash is paraben free, ph balanced and alcohol free, to ensure its mild, kind and gentle to your skin. Cheeky Wash can be used with or without the revolutionary and amazing compressed expandable wipes.

It has to be seen to be believed, as we found out for ourselves at the ETO show, when demonstrated how the wipe works by the Give Lube team.

We will be selling Give Lube’s Cheeky Weekender packs as an introductory offer to Give Lube. Also with every lube purchased from us in the months of July and August you will receive the choice of a free Cheeky Weekender pack.


We have added some Give Lube products to our website with more coming soon so please keep following us for further details. To see the Give Lube Section on our site please follow the link.

The Lubes page was posted “By Emma Jones” –



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