Plus Size Lingerie


Different Types of Plus Size Lingerie:

Oh La La Shop offers lots of Ladies Lingerie including different types of Plus Size Lingerie.

You can get Plus Size Ladies Lingerie, Plus Size Bridal Lingerie & Plus Size Fetish & Dress Up Lingerie.

These collections can include Plus Size Baby Dolls, Plus Size Chemises, Plus Size Corsets, Plus Size Bodices and plus Size Fetish Wear as well as Plus Size Bras and Knickers and other Underwear.

Plus Size Bras & Properly Fitted Bras:

We read an interesting article on Lingerie Insight which talked about women being in size denial about their boobs.

We believe this is the case for many women. It may be because women genuinely do not understand how bras should fit and also they never see it as the most-urgent thing to find out about.

Emma from Oh La La for one, lived in denial and would literally squeal at the idea of being bigger than a G cup. She used to wear much bigger back bands and just accept the fact that her day to day would consist of waking up, eating, going to work…oh and sparing a few minutes to scoop my boobs back into place.

That all changed the day she got properly fitted and realised that her shoulders didn’t need to hurt because 80% of support should come from the underband and only 20% from the straps.

Her thoughts on a properly fitted Bra “Wow…this certainly was a relief”

It took her a little while to embrace the letter of the alphabet her boob-size landed on however the correct bra size is so much more important.

Getting in the right bra even if it is a plus size bra will support you correctly, help improve your posture as well as possibly reducing any shoulder and back pain.

If you are interested in plus size bras or plus size lingerie please see the plus size bra and plus size lingerie section of our Ladies Lingerie website via the link.

The “Plus Size Lingerie” Page was posted “By Emma Jones” – Oh La La Shop



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